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When you are harmed by the reckless actions of another person, you need tough representation distinguished by informed counsel with experienced perspective. If you were injured and are now facing emotional, financial, and physical hardships, you can count on our firm to work on your behalf. Hiring our firm call allow you to recover the monetary damages you need to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. Your case requires prompt and attentive advocacy. These are the qualities we are prepared to offer at The Law Office of Robert C. Hahn, III, PS. Our founder is a skilled attorney with decades of experience. Over the course of his career, he has assisted hundreds of injured clients and successfully recovered million in settlements. You can trust us to look out for your interests and to help you pursue the best possible outcome to your situation.

At the Law Office of Robert C. Hahn, III, PS:

  • We operate on a contingency fee policy. You don’t pay us unless we win.
  • After a free consultation, we review the case thoroughly in order to determine if we can help. We are selective so that we can offer each case we do accept the time it needs and deserves.
  • We invest time and money in each case. Our clients pay nothing out of pocket; we front the costs and fees and work hard so that they have a strong chance of a good outcome.
  • With a track record that includes millions of dollars recovered, you can certainly trust our team for our experience and our success.
  • Our focus is our clients. At our law firm, the client comes first, every single time. We are proud of this and committed to our reputation for fighting for our clients with compassion.

Valuing Your Case

Many people—including attorneys—do not have a realistic idea of what an injury is worth. For example, do you know how much a broken leg is worth? It depends on several factors, including: What kind of fracture? How much treatment was needed and how much are the medical bills? Did the injury heal completely, and how long did that take? Will there be any long term consequences? How did the accident affect other aspects of the victim’s life, like working, driving, or caring for children? Was the accident caused by a drunk driver? How experienced is the attorney on the other side? How much insurance/assets does the at-fault party have? Where will the case be tried? Only with years of experience trying and settling cases can an attorney learn how to evaluate how much each case is worth. We have successfully handled hundreds of injury cases. Read more about personal injury at our dedicated website:


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If you are in an accident, here are some helpful tips:

Do’s and Don’ts of Your Accident Claim


  • Do seek medical treatment for your injuries;
  • Do take photographs of any bruises, cuts, scars or any other visible injuries you received;
  • Do take photographs of the damage to your vehicle, including any damage to the interior of your vehicle that may have been caused by your body’s impact;
  • Do cooperate with your own insurance company (you do not need to initially cooperate with the negligent driver’s insurance company);
  • Do contact our offices for further instruction on the handling of your claim.

Don’ts . . . .

  • Don’t agree to give a recorded statement to the negligent driver’s insurance company;
  • Don’t sign paperwork allowing the negligent driver’s insurance company to get your medical or employment records;
  • Don’t allow the negligent driver’s insurance company to visit your home and meet with you.

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