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Bankruptcy and Personal Injury are the principal focus of our law firm. We understand most people do not seek the counsel of an attorney unless they are at a crossroads in their life—we take great pride in assisting you during this very important time in your life.

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Whether you’re looking for a bankruptcy or personal injury attorney, we’re skilled and have the experience to direct your case to its best possible outcome. You’ll be treated with respect and understanding, without judgment. Exceptional customer service and superior knowledge of the practice areas are what separates us from other attorneys.

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There are circumstances in life that can absolutely change individuals and families lives forever. The stakes in these cases are incredibly high and often complicated. I've been successful throughout the years in helping clients recover from these types of circumstances. I'm a lawyer who'll guide you, stand up for you, and provide you with the best possible representation that I'm capable of to ensure your case achieves the results that you need and deserve.

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Considering bankruptcy? We can provide you with a wealth of information to help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you.

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Personal Injury

If you were injured and are now facing emotional, financial, and physical hardships, you can count on our firm to work on your behalf.

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Consider Bankruptcy

You’re not alone

Last year over 1 million Americans filed for Bankruptcy

I know it sounds bad, but most of the time it’s due to an extreme change in life like divorce, job loss, medical issues or credit card debt and most made an effort to pay their creditors.

If your debt is unmanageable affecting your family, job, or health. If you’re out of options it’s time to Consider Bankruptcy and get your life back

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Real concern, real help, and the consultation is free.

IanRockford, WA

I had been laid off from a job I had held for many years making a good wage. I juggled money around, paying some debts with credit cards and then getting other credit cards to transfer balances to try and avoid bankruptcy. I was ashamed that I couldn’t get out of the hole with my debt, but when I saw Rob Hahn for bankruptcy, he made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that it wasn’t the end of the world. I was treated with respect and dignity and really appreciate him and his staff.

Bankruptcy is your legal right

Consider Bankruptcy and get your life back

Bankruptcy stops home foreclosure, garnishments, collections, and lawsuits. If your debt is unmanageable affecting your family, job, or health. If you’re out of options it’s time to Consider Bankruptcy and get your life back.


Robert C. Hahn

I’ve helped thousands of people wipe out millions of dollars in debt. Most people keep all of their assets like homes and vehicles while wiping out most debt. It’s fast it’s simple and my rates are reasonable.

Robert C Hahn, III
JoleneSpokane, WA

I filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy to take care of tax debt but ended up needing additional approval from the court to accept a settlement of a class-action lawsuit. It wasn’t anything that was covered by my bankruptcy, but Rob and his staff helped me to get all of the paperwork in order so I could get the money I had been awarded.

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