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Considering Bankruptcy?

We’ve put together some general information that will help you learn more about bankruptcy. We know legal concepts can be confusing and hard to understand and that’s why we offer a free consultation. We’re happy to sit down with you and answer all your questions and address all your concerns. If your considering bankruptcy, call us at (509)921-9500 to schedule an appointment.

Chapter 11 Subchapter V—A Lifeline for Small Businesses During COVID-19

Bankruptcy Subchapter V of the Bankruptcy Code might be the financial lifeline that your business needs to survive Covid-19. Many small businesses consult with ... read more

14 Steps to Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy At first glance, filing bankruptcy may seem overwhelming.  But, when done with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer the process is actually pretty simple.  You ... read more

8 Steps to Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a very effective way to manage and repay creditors.  People who file Chapter 13 are usually middle to high-income wage earners who ... read more

Filing for Bankruptcy During COVID-19

Bankruptcy During these uncertain times, many people are facing new challenges with their financial situation. Currently, the only law in place is the CARES Act, ... read more

Number 1 Reason People File For Bankruptcy

Most people think those that file bankruptcy do so because of large amounts of consumer debt like credit cards or personal loans, but they’re wrong—it is medical debt. read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Those who are considering bankruptcy have questions & concerns. Learn more or contact us for a free consultation to find out if bankruptcy is right for you. read more

Current Bankruptcy Law

Many believe when the bankruptcy law was reformed in 2005 it made it much harder to file or that they could no longer file—BUT bankruptcy is still a viable option for many. read more

Types of Bankruptcy

There are five types or chapters of bankruptcy. The four most common are chapter 7, 11, 12 and 13. The fifth, chapter 9 is only used by government entities. read more

Understanding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to discharge all or most of your debt and get a fresh financial start in life. Contact us for a free consultation and find out if bankruptcy .. read more

Understanding Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an interest-free debt repayment plan through which you consolidate your debts and make one payment for a period of 3 to 5 years. read more

The Bankruptcy Process

The process of filing bankruptcy takes about 90 days for a Chapter 7 and 3 – 5 years for a chapter 13. Click to learn more about the 13 steps of bankruptcy. read more

Bankruptcy Petition & Schedules

Whether you're filing for Chapter 7 or 13, you're required to file specific documents with the Clerk of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The Petition and Schedules are the ... read more

Median Income Figures

Median income figures establish income caps to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy and are updated biannually based on data from the Census Bureau & IRS. read more

Consumer Credit Counseling and Debt Management

Under current bankruptcy laws, all debtors are required to complete consumer credit counseling before filing & a debt management course before the bankruptcy can be discharged. read more

Life After Bankruptcy

One of the common questions debtors ask is “Will I be able to establish credit after my bankruptcy?” The short answer is “Yes!” Contact us for a free consultation and find ... read more

Buying a Home After Bankruptcy

Bouncing back from bankruptcy takes time. Most applying for a loan will need to wait 2 years before lenders will consider their application, but it’s possible to wait up ... read more

BAPCPA Disclosures

Disclosures required under section 527 and 342 of the bankruptcy abuse prevention and consumer protection act of 2005. read more

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